May Li Registered US Natural Medicine Doctor

Professional Member ❨ANMA❩, American Naturopathic Medical Certified Board ❨ANMCB❩, SCAHP Membership No. 5070, Certified Doctor of Natural Medicine No. #06536
📞/📱: 60132017

May has 15 years of clinical experience and more than 38 years of working experience in different fields (including retail and wholesale of Western medicine, nutritional products, and medical supplies).

Proficient in the efficacy of Chinese and Western pharmacology and dietary therapy, he has a passion for general health management, focusing on the health of the whole body, mind, and soul. Prevention is better than cure, treating diseases that are not yet diagnosed, promoting education of correct health knowledge, and helping others become their own best doctors.

Company philosophy: Prevent chronic diseases, improve self-healing function, and build physical and mental health.

Company Profile

Natural Therapy Health Management Center,

Using accurate, simple, and fast sub-health testing equipment, customers can understand their health problems. Doctors practicing natural therapies will explain and provide solutions in detail, and we can also recommend professional physical examination services.

We also has our own brand of nutritional dietary products, which can be wholesaled and retailed. We have our own production line from New Zealand and welcomes cooperation with health industry partners.

Services include: sub-health testing instruments, natural therapies consulting services, provision of health solutions, professional physical examination services, and own-brand nutritional diet products.

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